Supervisor of Assessments

The Supervisor of Assessments strives to administer an accurate, fair, uniform, and timely assessment of all real property in Effingham County in accordance with and as mandated by the Illinois Property Tax Code.

It is the function of the county Supervisor of Assessments to monitor and direct the countywide valuation of real property for the purpose of real estate taxation. This mandated function includes but is not limited too:

  • Provide assistance and information to the individual township assessors
  • Monitor all functions for compliance with state statutes and IL Department of Revenue procedures
  • Apply exemptions and preferential assessments
  • Analyze sales data and conduct sales ratio studies
  • Apply equalization factors
  • Provide proper taxpayer notification of assessments through mailed notices and publication
  • Monitor and direct an unbiased appeal procedure to assure due process
  • Prepare abstracts and reports for submission to the Illinois Department of Revenue
  • Timely certification of the completed assessment roll to the County Clerk in manner to facilitate timely tax calculation and billing as prescribed by statute
  • Assist Board of Review in defense of decisions when appealed to the Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board
  • Maintain Parcel Identification Numbering system
  • Maintain an accurate county cadastral map system, including aerial photography, line maps, and other property and owner information, to be used by the property tax function, other county offices, other governmental offices and the public

The following link provides general information regarding the Illinois Property Tax System.


All first-time applications must be submitted in person in the Supervisor of Assessments Office.

Annual Renewal Forms will be mailed at the first of each tax year.


Senior Homestead and Assessment Freeze Exemption Application (Must be applied for in office)

Senior Homestead and Assessment Freeze Exemption Renewal (Request from Office)

Annual Lease Agreement Application

Annual Lease Agreement Renewal

Home Improvement

PTAX-341 Returning Veteran

PTAX-342 Disabled Veteran Application

PTAX-342-R Disabled Veteran Renewal

PTAX-343 Disabled Person Application

PTAX-343-A Physician’s Statement

PTAX-343-R Disabled Person Renewal


PTAX-300 Non-Homestead Property Tax Exemption Application

PTAX-300-R Religious Property Tax Exemption Application

PTAX-334 Open Space Purposes Assessment Application

PTAX-762 Model Home Assessment Application

PTAX-763 Veterans Organization Assessment Freeze

PTAX-764 Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze for IRC 501(c)(10)-Masonic Lodges

PTAX-765 Fraternal Organization Assessment Freeze for IRC 501(c)(8)- Fraternal Lodges

Please contact the Supervisor of Assessments Office at 217-342-6711 or by email at to obtain parcel specific appeal forms.


The Supervisor of Assessments is required by law to equalize all townships to 33.33% of market value. The County Assessor must calculate township medians using an adjusted 3-year average median level of assessments. The ratios are calculated by dividing the sale price of property by the assessed value of the preceding year. Using a complicated calculation process, an equalization factor is determined for each township. The Supervisor of Assessments sends current year “Notice of Assessment Change” (for taxes payable the following year) to each taxpayer experiencing a physical assessment change. This notice should be read very carefully because it contains valuable and necessary information for taxpayers and, if necessary, complaint procedures. At this time the Supervisor of Assessments also publishes the changes made in assessments and a list of the township equalization factors applied to all non-farm assessments.

Illinois Department of Revenue Publication 136, Property Assessment and Equalization

2023 Equalization Factors with Preceding Years

Please Note: These values are prior to any Board of Review action and State Multiplier.

2023 Assessment “Notice of Change Filings                                                                    

                                                                                                          Board of Review      
Publication Newspaper                 Publication Dates                   Appeal Deadlines         Publication Assessment List

Beecher City Journal                      February 26, 2024                  March 27, 2024  
Banner, Liberty and Moccasin         (Notices Mailed 2/23/2024)                                          2023 Banner Liberty & Moccasin Pub
Summit                                                                                                                                         2023 Summit Pub                                                                                                                                     

Altamont News Banner                  February 29, 2024                  March 30, 2024
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Effingham Daily News
                    March 8, 2024                         April 7th, 2024
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