County Board

Welcome and thank you for interest in the Effingham County Government.

The Effingham County Board is the legislative body of County Government. It is comprised of 9 elected members, each representing a geographic district within the County. Each district is current composed on average of just under 4000 residents. The districts are adjusted every 10 years after the national census information is published.

The Board meets monthly on the third Monday of the month, with the exception of Holidays, and then the meeting is moved one day to Tuesday. The Board also encompasses various committees that report and recommend to the board.

The Effingham County Board:

  • Determines Real Estate Tax Levy
  • Sets and collects other local taxes
  • Delineates budget for all County offices
  • Composes, debates, considers and adopts County Ordinances and Resolutions
  • Cooperates and interacts with Federal, State, and other local government entities
  • Conducts county wide business not specific to a particular department
  • Negotiates insurance and labor contracts
  • Enters into contractual agreements on behalf of the county
  • Coordinates with CEFS to provide Public Transportation
  • Facilitates efforts between various departments within the county
  • Appoints all committee members

The Effingham County Board complies with the Open Meetings Act and utilizes Roberts Rules of Order in the conduct of all meetings.

See the Calendar for information on Board and Committee meetings. The agendas and minutes will be posted on this site as well.

Stay informed and involved with your government. It works for you!

2nd Tuesday 12:00pm
3rd Floor Effingham County Building
David Campbell

1st Wednesday 9:00am
Airport Terminal
Jeremy Deters
Chris Keller

Quarterly 2nd Tuesday 3:30pm
3rd Floor Effingham County Building
Sandra Gillet – Chair
Jeremy Deters – Vice Chair

  • Ensure Contract Compliance
  • Review Emergency Medical Standards and Their Implementation

1st Tuesday 6pm
Norbert Soltwedel
Elizabeth Huston

1st Tuesday Noon
Chairman: Dave Campbell
Vice-Chair: Chris Keller
Member: Sandi Gillet

FY2023: Josh Douthit
Dave Campbell
Chris Keller
Sandi Gillet

Dive Rescue – Public Safety Committee
CEFS – Doug McCain
Emergency Management – Public Safety Committee
Health Board – Doug McCain
708 Board – David Campbell
U of I Extension – Doug McCain
South Central Illinois Regional Planning (SCIRP) – David Campbell
Effingham Co Community Dev. Corp. – Josh Douthit
377 Board -Sandi Gillett
Alliance -Norbert Soltwedel
Housing Authority -David Campbell
Animal Control -Public Safety Committee Chair
K-9 Search & Rescue – Public Safety Committee Chair
Effingham Regional Career Academy – Josh Douthit
Local Enterprise/TIF Boards – Board Chairman
Chamber of Commerce – Joshua Douthit
LWIA 23 CEO Board – Joshua Douthit
Foia Officer – Sandra Gillet