Circuit Clerk – Civil

Welcome to the Effingham County Civil Proceedings Department.

The Circuit Clerk’s office is responsible for all Civil Proceedings. We will do our best to accommodate your needs relating to the filing and processing of your case but please remember; we are not Attorneys and therefore cannot give out legal advice.

Civil Case Categories

  • AD = Adoption
  • DC = Divorce with Children
  • DN = Divorce no Children
  • CH = Chancery
  • ED = Eminent Domain
  • EV = Eviction
  • FA = Family Cases
  • FC = Foreclosure
  • GC = Government Corporation
  • GR = Guardianship
  • LA = Law (cases over $50,000)
  • LM = Law Magistrate (cases under $50,000)
  • MH = Mental Health
  • MR = Miscellaneous Remedy
  • MX = Miscellaneous Criminal
  • OP = Order of Protection
  • PR = Probate
  • SC = Small Claims
  • TX = Tax Cases

The Illinois Supreme Court has mandated electronic filing in all court documents for civil cases filed in the Circuit Court. Attorneys and individuals representing themselves (pro-se) can e-file online from their home, office or the public library. The Circuit Clerks office also provides a public access computer for you to e-file your documents.

A free online e-filing service provider along with a listing of other providers can be found at this site:

Most filers use the Odyssey E-File IL service. You can register for that service here

More helpful links:

  • Odyssey E-file service support page
  • Forms provided by the Supreme Court
  • Self Help Information

Odyssey E-Filing How To’s

  • How To Prepare Your Documents
  • How To Register
  • How To Sign In
  • How To Change Your Password
  • How To Set Up a Payment Account
  • How To Enter Your Case Information
  • How To Enter the Parties Information
  • How To Upload Your Filings
  • How To Pay Your Fees
  • How To Submit Your E-filing
  • Exemption Certificate

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