Veterans Assistance

The Veterans Assistance Commission helps assist veterans of Effingham County.

Specialized Information and Referral

Information about human service resources in the community to link veterans and their families who need assistance with the appropriate service providers.

  • Eligibility: Veterans and their families.
  • Applications: Call or walk in.
  • Documents: None.

Temporary Financial Aid

Limited financial support to needy veterans and their families for expenses such as rental payments, utility payments (except telephone bills, unless medical problems require telephone service), transportation (primarily to VA medical centers), food, hospital payments, outpatient care, and emergency dental treatment. Program is one of emergency assistance and is not designed to be an ongoing means of support.

  • Eligibility: Low-income, honorably-discharged veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces, Families of veterans may also be eligible for services.
  • Applications: Call or walk in. Applicants are required to apply for other forms of township, state, and federal aid prior to receiving assistance.
  • Documents: Certificate of Discharge DD 214, proof of income.