Jail Information


Visitation is provided via video through the CIDNET kiosk located in each cell. Friends and family members must go to www.cidnet.net to setup an account and register to visit.

Visitors may visit remotely utilizing their computer, tablet, or cellular device. Kiosks are also available in the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office visitation room. The local kiosks can be utilized free of charge.

Free local kiosks visits are only available on Tuesday and Saturday only.

Free local kiosk visiting hours: 9 am to 11 am and 1 pm to 4 pm on Tuesday and Saturday.

All video visits must be scheduled 48 hours in advance. This includes free local visits.

All visits are subject to the following visitation rules:

  1. Visits are fifteen (15) minutes.
  2. A visitor is allowed one (1) visit per day with one (1) inmate. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  3. All visits are subject to monitoring and recording.
  4. All visits must be scheduled forty-eight (48) hours prior to the visit. No visits will be approved on the same day as the visit.
  5. Visits that end due to poor or inconsistent cellular service will not be rescheduled for the same day. Rescheduling is subject to standard visitation rules.
  6. All adult visitors must have their own registered visitor account in order to schedule a visit.
  7. All visitors are subject to the visitation approval process.
  8. Visitors under the age of 18 must be listed as an additional visitor and must be accompanied and supervised by an authorized adult visitor.
  9. It is the inmate’s responsibility to advise their visitors of pending court schedules, program participation, or inmate worker schedule. Visits that are scheduled during these times will be canceled.
  10.  Visitations may be canceled without notice due to emergencies or due to movement or transports to/from the jail facility.
  11. If an emergency arises visitors will be directed to leave the local visitation room.
  12. Visitors are not allowed to possess cameras, tape recorders, cell phones, or any electronic device into the visitation room. No screen shots or photos may be taken during the visit. Violators will be banned from visitation for up to 90 days. Repeat offenders may be permanently banned.
  13. Inmates must wear their jail issued uniform during visitation. Any inmate in view of the camera must also be wearing appropriate clothing during visitation.
  14. Visitors must wear appropriate clothing during the visit. Only long pants, and shirts with sleeves. (Ex. No tank tops, shorts, or revealing clothing.)
  15. No visitation will be allowed during meal times.
  16. All visitors must be clear of any warrants. Visitors that have been booked into the Effingham County jail in the past 90 days will not be allowed to visit.
  17. Disorderly conduct of any kind will not be tolerated. (Threats/disruptive behavior)
  18. No inappropriate images shown to the camera. (no pornography, illicit drugs, drug paraphernalia, including cannabis and alcohol)
  19. Visitors must be in a private setting. Visitor can NOT be in a public place. Violation of this rule will result in immediate disconnection of the visit and will result in a suspension of visitation privileges.
  20. No visitation may take place in a moving vehicle. If we can tell the vehicle is moving we will end the visit.
  21. Visit must be with the contact that has a photo ID on file in the contact list.

Violation of any visitation rule will result in a suspension of visiting privileges.

Visitation rules are subject to change without prior notice.

Inmates sentenced to IDOC and awaiting transport are eligible for a special one (1) hour visit. The visit is not guaranteed if the inmate is transported to IDOC prior to the scheduled visit.

The IDOC special visit will be in person in the visitation room with a glass separator. Physical contact visits are prohibited.

The visit must be scheduled in advance and will be scheduled during hours that do not interrupt daily operations of the jail facility.

The IDOC special visit can consist of up to four (4) individuals. If four (4) visitors are present, each individual will receive a fifteen (15) minute visit. Visitors must visit separately.

All visitors must complete a visitation form prior to visiting.

Taking photos is prohibited during the visit.

Visit will be denied if any person is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

All other applicable visitation rules apply to IDOC special visits. Please see above.

Bond Information

Accepted forms of payment
Cash and Credit card

GovPayNet (Government Payment Services, Inc.) (87) 392-2455 or www.GovPayNOW.com you must call the jail, to obtain all the necessary information, needed to post bond, using a credit card. There is a 7% charge to the credit card, for this service.


Stellar Services is the Jail’s Commissary provider. Money may be placed onto the Inmates Jail Commissary Account by using the following website. www.jailatm.com

Combined Public Communications (CPC) is the Jail’s Phone provider. Money may be place onto the Inmates Jail Phone Account by using the following website. www.inmatesales.com

To inquire if a particular inmate is incarcerated at the Effingham County Jail, the public may inquire at www.vinelink.com

Medications may be dropped off for Inmates at the Sheriff’s Office. They must be in the original containers, and the prescription must be current.

Warrant inquiries may be directed to the Warrants Clerk by calling (217) 342-8469 or the non-emergency number for the Sheriff’s Office at (217) 342-2101, Option 1.

Upon intake to the Effingham County Jail, all personal property will be seized, inventoried, and secured by the Effingham County Jail. Inmate property may be released upon the inmate’s request. Inmates may not release clothing as it may be needed at the time of release. Inmate signature is required on the property release form or the property will not be released. The individual receiving the property must sign the property release form or the property will not be released. If a release is not requested, property will remain at the Effingham County Jail until the individual is released from custody.

At the request of the Department of Public Aid, we will not release Link Cards.

If an individual is sentenced to IDOC, property can be released to an individual of their choice. Upon an individual’s transfer to IDOC, we will store property for 30 days. If property is not picked up within this timeframe, it will be destroyed. Inmates sentenced to IDOC can request that their property be mailed to an address within the United States. All mailing cost are at the expense of the inmate or their family. Mailing request can only be granted Monday through Friday, 8am to 4pm.