School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) Program provides full-time Deputies to all schools within the county, outside the city limits of Effingham. These Deputies are assigned to specific schools, but they can, and will, serve in any school (in the County) where they are needed. The Effingham Police Department provides SRO’s for those schools within the city limits of Effingham.

School Resource Officers

Deputy Dustin Lustig


UNIT #10

Beecher City

UNIT #20

Deputy Alex Ritz


UNIT #30


UNIT #50

Effingham City Police Department


UNIT #40

SRO Presentations

This class addresses the age-old problem of bullying. In today’s society, bullying is the root of most school violence, both to students and to the bully. Students will have the opportunity to understand what bullying is and understand what it is not. They will be able to identify methods of combating bullying, and hear what the consequences of what those actions can be. Bullying will also be addressed as it pertains to today’s technology. Online bullying via social networks and texting is a predominant avenue for our young people to attack others.

This presentation covers a myriad of topics of law enforcement. In lower grades, the Deputy will speak about why we have rules and how the Deputy goes about enforcing those rules. Some will hear about the Deputy’s equipment, and may tour his squad car.

This is an overview of the field of law enforcement. Many areas will be addressed, such as, Police Officer, Corrections, Probation, Telecommunications, Civil Process, SWAT, Public Information Officer, and SRO’s. Some information will be presented on the state and federal levels of law enforcement as well.

This is a broad topic, and can be tailored to the needs of the students in the audience. These areas include being home alone, being safe in your neighborhood, while shopping, traveling, and what to do if lost, among other things. Different grade levels will be presented with different topics within the above list, which may include calling 911 and how to avoid risks.

This presentation will address many different drugs that are encountered in our community. Some of those include alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription medication, over the counter medication, K-2, K-4, salvia, and inhalants. These drugs are being introduced to our young people at earlier and earlier ages. This presentation will focus on the effects, both long and short term, as well as the consequences of falling into the world of drug abuse. We will also speak about self-confidence and avoiding the situations and circumstances where these drugs become available.

This presentation is geared mainly for driver’s education students. This can be an open format that is just question and answer, or can be structured, covering certain content. Deputies will give information regarding current laws, and the consequences violations would bring the violator. We also have at our disposal a golf cart which can be used while wearing fatal vision goggles to reinforce the dangers of impaired driving.

This classroom presentation includes safety rules for bicyclists. This will include current laws that pertain to bicycles as well as how to handle situations that could occur while riding a bicycle.

We live in a hunting community. Firearms are a part of our culture, for both sport shooting and hunting. This is a general firearms safety class that is not meant to be a thorough hunters safety course nor is it a class to teach ALL aspects of firearm safety. This class is an introduction to BASIC firearm safety. Younger grades will be taught what to do if they encounter a firearm, while older students will hear some basic information on how to handle, use, make safe, and care for firearms.

We live in a world that is both real and virtual. Sometimes our students get these worlds mixed up. Because of this, some dabble in some dangerous areas thinking they are safe. This is a broad presentation that will cover topics relevant to the audience. With the advent of social networks, our students are introduced to a world that encourages them to show the world what they are doing and who they are. We will help students to navigate the internet and other online portals with the same diligence they would if they were in a public setting. The students will hear some of the consequences of sharing too much, and learn lessons that will help them make better decisions online. The broad topics covered are the internet, social media, gaming, texting, sexting, fraud, and many others.


Dustin Lustig

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