Congressman Mike Bost Invited as Guest Speaker for Chairman’s Corner

After hosting Illinois Senator Steve McClure in October of last year, Effingham County Board Chairman, Josh Douthit, recently hosted United States Congressman Mike Bost at the second Chairman’s Corner.

Congressman Bost spoke directly to Effingham County elected officials and department heads about the problems facing Illinois and those issues discussed in Washington DC that have a direct impact on Effingham County and the Illinois 12th Congressional District. Congressman Bost stated his biggest priority right now is securing the southern border and he supported HR 2: Secure the Border Act- which the US House sent to the US Senate over 10 months ago, and is still waiting to be acted on by the US Senate.

Congressman Bost shared that he is the Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee and a member of the Agriculture Committee and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and noted his leadership position in the VA Committee allows him to have a profound influence in taking care of Effingham County Veterans. Congressman Bost went on to state Effingham County farmers have the biggest impact on economic prosperity in the county and he fights hard for them every day listening to them with Farm Bill preparation in Washington DC. Congressman Bost shared that he continues to seek and support funding for local infrastructure projects directly affecting Effingham County.

Congressman Bost stated he quickly invested in Effingham County by establishing a full-time office in the Effingham County Building to better serve the needs of Effingham County residents. He stated he is honored to represent Effingham County and will continue the positive working relationship with Effingham County elected officials and residents.

Chairman Douthit spoke about the program and thanked Congressman Bost for taking the time to meet with Effingham County elected officials and department heads. Chairman Douthit stated, “We are honored to have Mike Bost representing Effingham County.  When Congressman Bost was re-elected to the newly drawn 12th Congressional District, he immediately went to work for Effingham County.  I appreciate and support his efforts in making sure our Veterans are well cared for, our farmers feel supported, and our infrastructure is secure for the future.”

Congressman Bost can be visited at 101 N. Fourth Street, Suite 302, Effingham, IL 62401.