Therapy Dog Joins Effingham County Sheriff’s Office

In December 2023, the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office welcomed it’s newest addition to the team, Deputy Dale.

Deputy Dale is a 2 ½ year-old poodle mix rescue from Brevard County, Florida. Deputy Dale is specially trained as a therapy dog and will assist the Effingham County Sheriff’s Office with people in mental health crisis, the social/emotional development of school aged children, and those struggling with anxiety after a traumatic experience. It has been proven that adults and children react favorably and openly to a friendly, tail wagging dog, reducing agitation and helping them feel more at ease. The Sheriff’s Office hopes to use this dog for comfort to people in need and break down barriers.

School Resource Officer, Alex Ritz, is K9 Dale’s handler and they both attended the Brevard County Florida Sheriff’s Office Therapy Dog 1-week handler school in December of 2023. Prior to the handler school, Dale attended an in-depth therapy training at the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, where he was trained in obedience and was certified as an AKC Canine Good Citizen. Deputy Dale is non-shedding and has a hypoallergenic coat for those who would have an allergic reaction to dogs.

Welcome, Deputy Dale!